Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Long Absence

I have not made a new blog post since December! I have had so much to blog about and for no good reason i have neglected to share what has been going on. In January Brandon and I visited his parents in Washington, they live in Grand Coulee. While there I made those delicious lemon cookies and the fruit gelees. Both were received very well. I took so many photos while we were there and hopefully I will share some in the near future (I am apparently a photo hoarder!)

I have failed to find a steady job since Dairy Queen closed on me ( I was not too sad to see that store close forever!) I am doing seasonal work at See's which is a lot of fun. No work til November though. School is going...ok. I am so tired of going to community college!

We have been spending a lot of time with another married couple we have known a couple...maybe eight years? Recently Brandon has started introducing them to horror movies and we have been watching influential horror movies in chronological order. Right now we are in the 70's. It has been fun as I have not seen most of the movies we watch and I am excited to rewatch those that I love.

Family life has been very stressful. Without gong in to details things in the Cohen house have been rough and I really do not deal with stress well at all. I can't wait to move, I miss have a whole apartment that is mine. The plan is still to move to Santa Cruz next summer so I will have to stick it out until then.

Several months ago our friend introduced us to Millenium Pro Wresting, a local promotion that puts on a GREAT live show. It has been a blast getting to know the wresters and the people who run the company. I have taken over 800 photos at their last four shows! Please check out their website and see what they are all about.

Well, I have to go to the store to buy more peaches so I can make peach/blueberry crisp again. Until later, have a great day!

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