Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bits of My Childhood: Part 1

Recently I have been thinking about how certain things in my childhood left such an imprint on me that I still think of them to this day. Last night I decided this would make an interesting blog post; reliving my childhood through books, music and TV/movies.

...If you Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620
I have no idea where or when my family acquired this book but as a child I read it so many times. For some reason the story captivated me and I learned so much from it. Now, whenever I think of the pilgrims or something associated with them, I think of this book. A couple of months ago I was reading a book about Christmas and the author was talking about how the Puritans did not celebrate. As I read those words I remembered the book and how Christmas day came and the settlers saw it as just another work day but the ship's crew, who were not Puritans, did celebrate. It amazes me how much that book impacted my life. Apparently the woman who wrote the book has done a whole series of these kinds of books. I would recommend them to any young child who wants to learn.

Sesame Street Episode 2485: Maria and Luis get Married
I have seen this episode of Sesame Street more than any other. My mom recorded it off TV and we watched it all the time. I have most of the songs from this episode memorized and still enjoy watching it today. About a year ago I was pleased to discover the full episode on and burned it to DVD for my mom. So much does my family love this episode that when Brandon and I got married, when his Best man went for the wedding ring, we played the sound clip, "Don't drop the rings Elmo, please Elmo don't drop the rings!" which was always my favorite part. I had no idea they had incorporated that into the ceremony and I was delighted! Please go here to watch the episode as it is not available on youtube. Right before we got married I watched this video several times and now Brandon quotes it all the time! Especially the beginning where Maria is on the roof talking with Linda in Sign Language.

Bubbe's Boarding House: Passover at Bubbe's
This is a really cute, muppet-like, mostly educational film about Passover. Before doing this post I did not know that there was a Chanuka one as well. I am really not sure how we came to posses this movie but my brothers and I had a great time watching it as kids. We learned the four questions in Hebrew and had a lot of fun singing the title song! Even to this day I still break into songs from this movie and my brothers get a big kick out of it. When my cousin was born we gave the video to her and now I am sad about that because I want to watch it again. Fortunately for me I can by the DVD from Amazon. I may have to buy this soon, not only to relive my childhood, but to see the Chanuka story as well.

Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon! (Probably tomorrow.)


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