Monday, March 8, 2010

Bits of My Childhood: Part 2

So the other day I posted about things that had a great impact on my childhood. I tried to get part two up yesterday but my computer was being weird and dumb so I didn't get a chance. Today the computer seems to be in better health and so here we have it; part 2:

The Polar Bear King (or Kvitebjørn Kong Valemon)
This is another instance of me having no idea where and how my mother came in to possession with a film. I suppose it is possible that she just saw it in the store and thought we kids would like it. Well, if that was the case the she was absolutely right! I watched this so many times as a child, I loved it. Growing up I was always confused as to why the actors mouths never quite matched what they were saying. Recently I have discovered that the Polar Bear King is a Norwegian folktale and this movie was in Norwegian and dubbed over in English. This is another piece of my past that is now available on DVD and eventually I am going to have to buy it. What I really want is to find a non-dubbed version and see if there are any differences is dialogue. If anyone finds this PLEASE let me know!

Just in Time for Chanukah
Another peek into my religious studies as a child :) This was a great tape (cassette) that we always played at Chanukah. It helped my brothers and me learn the Chanukah blessings and other fun facts about the holiday. There are two song in particular that stand out in my mind and the minds of my siblings: The first is, "Matathias Bold", a short little song sung in round. I can still hear the song in my head and we used to sing it ALL the time, even if it wasn't Chanukah. The second song is the ballad of Judah Maccabee. I don't remember anything about this song other than it's chorus because my brother and I used to sing at each other, swinging our head towards one another like madmen.The first song on the list is also one of my favorites, "O Chanukah".

Old Disney Channel
There is a Facebook page out there that is, "If Walt Disney watched the Disney Channel right now, he would cry." I think this would, in fact, be true. The Disney Channel used to be awesome. They showed all of the old shorts on tv (now you have to buy them in expensive tins,) they showed good movies each week (remember when Michael Eisner introduced the movies with Mickey and Minnie?) and they had no commercials. Granted, now the commercials are usually for Disney related things, but still! Some of my favorite short are the ones shown above, "Rugged Bear" (the one where all the other bears get a cave and they won't let Humphrey in so he goes to Donald's cabin) and "Grin and Bear it" (Humphrey teams up with Donald because be wants his ham.) At some point my parents recorded these and several other "Humphrey" shorts on a tape and I watched them all the time (I apparently did all of these things 'all the time'. :) ) Also on the tape may have been "Tea for Two Hundred". I used this as an example of racism in Disney cartoon when I asked them why they wouldn't release "Song of the South" but they would release obviously racist cartoons. I have yet to get a response. Don't think I will. Anyway, I have been happy to find that I have two Humphrey cartoons as well as Tea for Two Hundred on two of my Disney Treasures Tins.

Well folks that concludes my childhood in a nutshell. I have some ideas for more posts but I have a lot of homework right now so we will see when they actually get posted. I hope you all have enjoyed reading.


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